QCOG Children's Ministries

QCOG has a passion for focusing on children’s ministry and reaching out to our community. The time is now to train up each child in the way they should go. We make it our priority to stir up a passion in the hearts of the children to have a relationship with God from a young age through a variety of ministries. These include Sunday School, Children’s Church, AWANA, VBS and Summer Jam, small groups, and much more.


Sunday School

Time: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM At QCOG Sunday school, we aim to focus on helping the children learn how to study the word of God and developing the talents and interests they have. Each week, we start out with every class assembled together. The kids then volunteer to share 5-minute devotions with the whole group, and they spend time learning different worship songs. We then go into our separate classes so that the kids get more focused and personal time with their teachers. It is our goal to teach the children the value of prayer, reading the word of God and community through the ministry of Sunday School.

Children’s Church

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

It is important to us that regardless of age, everyone leaves church each week with a message to take home with him or her. Through the ministry of children’s church, the kids are able to have their own service, lead by adult volunteers, where they sing songs of worship and are taught valuable lessons from the bible that they can apply to their daily lives.


Please visit this link to learn more about our AWANA Club Ministry!

VBS and Summer Jam

At QCOG, our heart is for missions, which is what makes the ministry of Vacation Bible School so important to us. Each year we meet more than 100 children that are our neighbors in the community, and we are able to sing songs and share the word of God with children who have never heard about the wonderful gift of salvation! We then end the week of VBS with our annual Summer Jam event, where we have a water slide, a bouncy house and tons of games, food and fun for the whole community. We love our community and we’re grateful that this ministry has given us the opportunity to serve them.

Children’s Small Group

Along with youth small groups, we also have children’s small groups once a month. This is a time of devotion, where volunteers teach children from ages 3-10 valuable and practical life lessons about the importance of a relationship with God from a young age.