our story

In the late 1970s, a small number of people started a bible class in the basement of a home located in Queens Village, NY. According to the counsel of God, the Lord blessed the small gathering with their first official Sunday worship of Queens Church of God (QCOG) officially on Sunday, September 21st 1981 at 10:30 a.m. with a total of seven families. Day by day, more and more people were becoming baptized and added to the church. The church was recognized as outstation work by the state office of the Church of God , New York State . Our Former Pastor P.Thomas served as the senior pastor at Queens Church of God faithfully for 23 years until the year 2005.

After many years of faithful ministry in Queens Community, now under the leadership of Pastor Ben, we are a church with people from different backgrounds and cultures worshiping in Queens, New York. We have three different worship services geared towards the needs of the community, where our church is located.

We are located in a community where many cultures and ethnic groups are living in harmony and looking to find a group of people who loves the Lord and wanted to serve the Lord together.

Our primary worship is in English and we have people from every walk of life worshiping together in that service.

Other than the English Worship Service, we also have a dedicated Hindi Worship Service that is geared towards the community that we are located in. We have people who speak Hindi and want to sing songs and worship the Lord in that language and we are blessed to have that opportunity in QCOG.

We also have a dedicated Malayalam worship services that is geared toward the Malayalam Speaking community. We are so blessed to serve our community in this season of life where God is in the move and communities looking to worship the Lord are able to give glory to the name of our Lord.