QCOG Mission

Stand for Christ and His unchanging message of Love

Serve God in Worship and Community for its needs

Send Disciples of Christ to the ends of the earth with the soul saving Message of Cross

QCOG Vision

QCOG Vision

Called to Stand

QCOG’s vision is to develop a group of people with a passion to stand firm in this generation with the message of love. We accomplish this through prayer cells, CARE groups and the development of leaders who are equipped to stand firm in the Word of God and its truth.

Called to Serve

QCOG’s vision is to serve God faithfully in worship. We serve God when we refuse to perform worship, but instead develop a character of worship. We hope to develop a discipline of worship in this busy life and an environment where children and adults from various cultures can come and express their worship according to the Word of God. At the same time, our vision is to serve this community. QCOG endeavors to meet the needs of the community through various ministries, such as Community Sunday School, nursing home ministry, and help for various addictions and troubled families through counseling sessions and prayer cells.

Called to Send

QCOG’s vision is to raise up a generation of ministers with a passion to minister to the world with the unchanging power of love from the cross. QCOG Work with Church of God World mission in International Mission Work . Our world vision is to fulfill the great commission by obeying the command of our Lord Jesus to go to all nations. We believe that we are equipped to fulfill the plan and purpose of God about QCOG and our local ministry is conducted with a global vision.